Nick Chase A Detective Story

Nick Chase A Detective Story

Solve a variety of puzzles and then find hidden clues

Nick Chase: A Detective Story is a hidden-object game in which you are an investigator hired to solve a case of stolen collectibles. Throughout the game, you will visit several locations collecting clues that help you uncover the mystery behind the game. Unlike other similar games, here you won't have a list of objects to find, but you'll have a series of tasks that involve searching for objects in a scene to use them with other objects to get the result wanted. The scenes can be explored using the magnifying glass to enlarge areas or pick up objects. If you can't find an object, you can use one of the hints, which are unlimited, but take some to recharge. What is more, the game includes lots of puzzles connected to the different scenes that add some variety and make the game more challenging.

Unfortunately, the game only includes one mode, which is untimed, but it also includes a few extra simple mini-games that have nothing to do with the game, but can entertain you for while. The graphics, the game features unique hand-drawn scenes, which are very attractive, although most of them are a bit dark, and the objects are not so easy to spot. Also, sound effects are good and the music is suitable.

In short, Nick Chase: A Detective Story is an interesting and somewhat different hidden-object game that will surely attract many fans of this genre.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lots of interesting puzzles
  • Interesting theme
  • Mini-games
  • Nice hand-drawn graphics


  • Dark scenes
  • Only one mode
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